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Our NJ age discrimination lawyers have handled numerous cases of age discrimination on behalf of individuals in New Jersey.  It is a violation of New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination to terminate, demote or suspend an employee as a result of their age.

We have found age discrimination to be an increasing area of discrimination law in New Jersey with the onset of an older workforce and an employer’s desire to force older employees to retire or replace them with significantly younger employees.  Age Discrimination in New Jersey can be difficult to prove.  However, we are able to prove age discrimination by demonstrating that your employer or manager made comments about your age and by showing that other younger employees were treated more favorably than you.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protects employees against age discrimination in the workplace.  It is illegal for an employer to terminate or suspend your employment, demote you, reduce your duties in the workplace, reduce your compensation or take any other adverse employment action against you as a result of your age.  We have commonly found in age cases that an employee who is older and performing well is replaced by a significantly younger employee.  We also look for comments made by the supervisors regarding age, i.e., “When are you going to retire?” “Looking for a more youthful approach…”  We utilize comments like these to support your potential claim for age discrimination.

We will also look at your years of service with the company.  An age discrimination case in New Jersey is very difficult if you have only worked for the company for a couple of years, you have the same supervisors and the same supervisors were responsible for your hiring and firing.  We say this because it is difficult to convince the court and/or a jury that individuals who discriminate based on age would not have hired an older worker within a relatively short time period from the termination.  However, in the event that your supervisors have changed, you may have a claim for age discrimination despite being employed for only a short amount of time.

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