Atlantic County Religious Discrimination

Atlantic County Religious Discrimination

At Castronovo & McKinney, LLC, our paramount concern is ensuring the protection of your religious freedoms in the workplace. If you’ve faced unjust treatment due to your religious beliefs, our team stands ready to advocate on your behalf.

Operating in Atlantic County, New Jersey, we extend our services to individuals statewide who have encountered discrimination from their employers. With a deep understanding of anti-discrimination laws, we have a proven track record in both arbitration and legal proceedings.

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Identifying Religious Discrimination: Religious liberty encompasses not only recognized faith traditions like Judaism, Christianity, or Islam but also deeply held ethical or personal convictions. Consequently, religious discrimination is prohibited under federal and state statutes such as:

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Religious discrimination occurs when employees face unfair treatment due to their religious beliefs or those of individuals they are associated with.

Recognizing Religious Discrimination in the Workplace:

Religious discrimination in workplaces often takes two forms: disparate treatment and failure to provide reasonable accommodations.

Disparate treatment happens when employment decisions are influenced by an employee’s religion or when religious-based harassment occurs in the workplace.

Reasonable accommodation discrimination occurs when employers don’t accommodate an employee’s religious practices, like allowing time for daily prayers. However, employers aren’t required to provide accommodations that would cause undue hardship.

You have robust legal protections against religious discrimination, whether it involves workplace policies, supervisor or colleague behavior, or denial of reasonable accommodations.

Protection Against Religious Harassment: Employees are protected from harassment based on their religious beliefs at work. This includes derogatory remarks about religion or attempts at proselytization that hinder job performance.

Potential Compensation for Religious Discrimination:

If you’ve faced discrimination or harassment at work due to your religious beliefs, you may seek damages including back wages, lost benefits, bonus payments, pain and suffering compensation, emotional distress damages, and attorney fees. You may also be eligible for equitable remedies such as reinstatement.

Why Choose Us? While confronting your employer can be intimidating, we offer unwavering support and steadfast advocacy for your rights. Once you’re our client, our legal team will handle all aspects of your claim, including investigation, witness interviews, correspondence with your employer, negotiation, and initiating a lawsuit if necessary.

Rest assured, we will rectify these injustices and vigorously protect your religious freedoms.

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