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Upon encountering employment termination, layoff, or resignation in Atlantic County, individuals may encounter agreements detailing severance terms. While ostensibly straightforward, these agreements often entail relinquishing critical legal rights, such as the ability to litigate against former employers. It is imperative for affected individuals to seek counsel from adept employment attorneys prior to signing any such agreements. At Castronovo & McKinney, LLC, our focus lies in safeguarding employee rights throughout the employment continuum, from inception to cessation. We acknowledge that severance agreements frequently tilt in favor of employers and thus are dedicated to ensuring that individuals’ rights remain uncompromised. We encourage prompt outreach for a comprehensive assessment of severance agreements and expert guidance.

What Constitutes a Severance Agreement?

A severance agreement serves as a pivotal document delineating the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee during termination. Typically, these agreements aim to protect the employer’s interests and may encompass various clauses, including:

  • Non-disclosure clauses, barring disclosure of termination circumstances or proprietary information.
  • Non-compete clauses, preventing employees from joining competitors or initiating similar ventures.
  • Non-disparagement agreements, prohibiting negative commentary about the employer. Most notably, severance agreements often entail relinquishing the right to litigate against the employer in exchange for severance benefits. Given the gravity of these implications, it is imperative for individuals to have their severance agreements meticulously scrutinized by competent employment attorneys to safeguard their rights and comprehend the agreement’s ramifications on future employability.

What Should My Atlantic County Severance Agreement Encompass?

While severance agreements are customized to individual circumstances, several essential components are crucial to protect one’s interests:

  • Severance Pay: While employers may be obligated to provide severance pay as per employment contracts, state or federal laws, or company policies, negotiations may involve releasing the company from future claims. A skilled employment attorney ensures receipt of deserved severance benefits, including accrued paid time off, outstanding bonuses, and other compensations, while safeguarding legal rights and vested employee benefits.
  • Medical Benefits: Federal law permits continuation of health insurance under the company’s plan for up to 18 months post-termination, albeit with premium payments. Legal experts can negotiate coverage extensions or lump-sum payments with employers.
  • References: Typically, employers confirm only employment and good standing, limiting liabilities.
  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration clauses are common in employment and severance agreements, requiring adept legal representation for fair proceedings. In contentious scenarios, trial lawyers prepare for litigation.
  • Confidentiality: Severance agreement terms usually remain confidential except in specific circumstances. Despite employers’ advantageous positions in termination scenarios, our negotiation prowess ensures equitable treatment and upholding of rights, securing deserved severance pay and future employability.

Why Opt for Castronovo & McKinney, LLC?

In Atlantic County, termination situations may prompt hasty signing of severance agreements. However, this juncture necessitates consultation with seasoned employment lawyers. Our team clarifies rights, scrutinizes agreements meticulously, and handles communication with employers and their legal representatives. Rely on us to advocate for comprehensive severance packages that safeguard legal rights and interests.

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Reach Out to Our Accomplished New Jersey Severance Agreement Attorneys Termination can evoke daunting emotions, but hastily signing away legal rights is ill-advised. Castronovo & McKinney, LLC specializes in navigating the intricacies of severance agreements. Serving Atlantic County and neighboring regions, our seasoned employment attorneys ensure comprehensive protection of rights during critical junctures.