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Atlantic County Wrongful Termination

In Atlantic County, NJ, hostile work environments are recognized as a form of sexual harassment alongside quid pro quo harassment. This type of environment is characterized by offensive comments, conduct, or displays from any workplace individual, including owners, supervisors, and colleagues. It goes beyond mere unpleasantness, requiring the behavior to be severe or pervasive enough to impact an employee’s job performance. An example could be an employee displaying a sexually explicit screen saver, creating a hostile atmosphere. Similarly, clients making derogatory remarks also contribute to sexual harassment. The behavior must be linked to discrimination or other unlawful acts, falling under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD), which covers protection against harassment based on:

In New Jersey, an at-will employment state, employees can be terminated for any reason. However, firing an employee for illegal or discriminatory reasons is not permitted. If you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated, a skilled wrongful termination attorney is essential to protect your rights. Castronovo & McKinney, LLC has extensive experience in handling wrongful termination claims. We understand the serious impact of being unlawfully fired. During a consultation, we will evaluate your claim and advocate for the compensation you deserve. Your right to fair employment in Atlantic County, NJ is our priority. Contact our New Jersey employment attorneys for dedicated legal support.

What is wrongful termination in Atlantic County, NJ?

Employers have the legal right to terminate workers for performance-related reasons, even if the reasons for such assessment may not always be fully substantiated. They are not obligated to demonstrate just cause for dismissals. This situation can sometimes lead employers to undertake adverse employment actions that might be discriminatory under the guise of performance issues. However, circumstances do arise where such terminations can be legally challenged as wrongful. If an employee is terminated under conditions that appear to be discriminatory or in violation of employment laws, it may give rise to a wrongful termination claim. Employees who believe their termination was unjust and potentially illegal should consider seeking legal advice to explore their options and rights in such scenarios.

Wrongful Termination due to Discrimination

In Atlantic County, NJ, as in the rest of New Jersey, state and federal laws strictly forbid employers from making employment decisions, including terminations, based on certain protected characteristics. These include age, race, religion, color, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and military or veteran status. If you suspect that your termination was due to such discriminatory reasons, it is crucial to seek the expertise of a proficient employment lawyer. The process of proving wrongful termination is often complex, as employers may attempt to hide their true motives, placing employees at a disadvantage. Castronovo & McKinney specializes in these cases, bringing essential skills and experience to challenge unfair employment practices effectively. Our commitment is to safeguard your employment rights and ensure equal treatment in the workplace.

Employment Contracts/Implied Promises

Employment laws both in Atlantic County, NJ and throughout New Jersey stringently prohibit employers from basing employment decisions, including firing, on protected characteristics such as age, race, religion, color, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and military or veteran status. Should you have concerns that your dismissal was motivated by such illegal discrimination, engaging a skilled employment lawyer is a critical step. Unraveling a wrongful termination case is often intricate, given that employers may disguise their discriminatory intent, thereby putting employees at a disadvantage. Castronovo & McKinney is adept in handling these situations, equipped with the necessary expertise and experience to effectively challenge unjust employment actions. We are dedicated to defending your employment rights and promoting fair treatment in your workplace.

Violations of Public Policy

It’s illegal for employers to terminate employees at will for exercising legal rights or performing civic duties. This includes engaging in activities like voting, serving in the military, or fulfilling jury duty obligations. If you’ve been dismissed for participating in such essential functions, this could constitute an illegal termination under New Jersey law.

Whistleblower Retaliation

Employers are prohibited from firing employees for asserting their legal rights. This includes actions like lodging complaints about workplace discrimination or harassment, reporting safety violations or illegal activities (whistleblowing), and participating in investigations against employer misconduct. If you’ve been terminated for any of these reasons, it’s critical to seek representation from a seasoned employment attorney who can aggressively defend your rights and interests against whistleblower retaliation.

Why Choose Castronovo & McKinney for Your Wrongful Termination Claim

f you work or live near Atlantic County, NJ, and you believe your job termination was unlawful, our legal team at Castronovo & McKinney is prepared to assess your case and safeguard your rights. We recognize that reinstatement may not always be the ideal resolution, so we focus on exploring various legal options to secure compensation for lost wages, both past and future, lost benefits like bonuses and health insurance, as well as reparation for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Our objective is to rectify the injustice, ensuring your financial stability and right to work are protected.

Understanding that most employers do not intend to terminate employees without cause, we also offer robust defense services for businesses challenged with wrongful termination allegations. Whether the termination was for performance, downsizing, or restructuring, we provide an assertive defense. While our preference is to settle disputes amicably, we are fully prepared for litigation, always prioritizing your best interests.

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At Castronovo & McKinney, our expertise extends to addressing wrongful termination cases in Atlantic County, NJ. We understand the complexities of such claims and are dedicated to evaluating your case thoroughly. Our approach includes exploring diverse legal avenues to ensure you receive just compensation for lost wages, both current and future, benefits like health insurance and bonuses, and recompense for any emotional suffering and distress you’ve endured. Our goal is to correct any injustices and safeguard your financial well-being and employment rights. We also recognize that most employers don’t dismiss staff without valid reasons. Therefore, we offer solid defense strategies for companies facing wrongful termination claims. Whether it’s a case of performance-related dismissal, workforce downsizing, or organizational restructuring, we’re equipped to provide a strong defense. While we aim for peaceful settlements, our team is fully prepared to represent your interests vigorously in court. Castronovo & McKinney, LLC helps clients with their wrongful termination claims throughout Atlantic County, NJ.