Discrimination Lawyer in NJ – What You Can Do About the Discrimination at Work?

If you have suffered discrimination in New Jersey, you should contact a Discrimination Lawyer In NJ immediately to discuss your case.

New Jersey’s discrimination laws are some of the most comprehensive in the Country and protect you more than the Federal Laws.  The New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination, N.J.S.A. § 10:5-1 protects you from discrimination work based on many “protected characteristics.”  The most common areas are race, religion, age, pregnancy disability and gender.

If you file a lawsuit against your employer in New Jersey, you should file under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.  You may be entitled to receive your back pay (the amount of pay lost from the time you suffered an adverse employment act and the date that a verdict is reached), front pay (pay to cover the amount of money lost going forward), emotional distress damages for your pain and suffering), punitive damages against the employer for the involvement of upper-level management of their intent, interest and attorneys fees and costs.

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