We Review and Negotiate NJ Employment Agreements

Our employment lawyers work with employees and executives to review and negotiate NJ employment agreements, executive compensation plans and job offers in New Jersey.  Employment Agreements in New Jersey are enforceable during your employment and after your employment terminates for any reasons.  New Jersey Employment Contracts typically contain non-compete, non-solicitation and other covenants that will restrict you from competing in the future against the employer.

We have represented hundreds of executives and employees in negotiations of their employment agreements.  We have been successful in having a guaranteed amount of severance included in the agreement, requiring that the Company provide you with compensation during any non-compete period, and have negotiated to improve the terms of the compensation and benefits.

It is crucial to speak with an employment attorney before you sign the agreement. You are not required to sign the employment agreement on the spot and you will have time to review.  An employment agreement is one of the most important agreements you will sign and can have significant ramifications in the future.

Please call our New Jersey employment lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your NJ employment agreements at 973-920-7888 or fill out our free case evaluation form.