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Recover Unpaid Wages in Hamilton Township

Our wage and hour attorneys advocate for employees wrongfully denied overtime pay. Specializing in cases of misclassification and errors in categorizing employees, we focus on recovering unpaid overtime for unfairly compensated workers in Hamilton Township.

Both federal and New Jersey laws clearly define employees’ rights to just wages, including overtime. Despite regulations, many employers in Hamilton Township neglect their obligations, failing to provide rightful overtime pay. If you’re facing such issues as an employee in Hamilton Township, our attorneys are dedicated to enforcing your rights and ensuring you receive the wages you’re legally owed.

Secure Your Wage Rights

Our labor attorneys in Hamilton Township are committed to advocating for employees, current or former, who have been unjustly denied rightful overtime wages or faced improper compensation. Whether incorrectly classified as exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or mislabeled as an independent contractor, our goal is to secure full and just compensation for lost wages and overtime.

Our legal expertise in Hamilton Township covers a broad range of wage and hour claims, specifically focusing on ensuring fair treatment under the FLSA. Federal law mandates overtime pay for employees working over 40 hours a week, with certain exceptions. New Jersey’s state wage payment statute outlines crucial aspects like pay frequency, permissible deductions, and changes in pay rates for employees.

If you’re in Hamilton Township facing wage and hour discrepancies, our attorneys are here to uphold your rights and ensure fair compensation under both federal and state laws.

Unpaid Wages: Common Issues

Employees often face unpaid wage issues, a significant breach of New Jersey labor laws. Reasons for unpaid wages include:

  1. Minimum Wage Violations: Employers must pay at least $14.13 per hour, as per New Jersey’s minimum wage standard. Non-compliance entitles employees to seek recovery of unpaid wages.
  2. Overtime Violations: Federal and state laws mandate overtime pay at one-and-a-half times the normal rate for hours worked beyond the standard 40-hour week. Employers denying such overtime pay commit illegal wage theft.
  3. Illegal Deductions: Employers cannot make deductions that reduce earnings below the minimum wage. This includes deductions for uniforms, equipment, or cash register shortages.
  4. Bounced Paychecks: Employees must receive their wages. If a payroll check bounces due to the employer’s lack of funds, they are still obligated to fulfill the payment.

Employees in Hamilton Township facing unpaid wages can pursue legal action or file complaints with the New Jersey Department of Labor. Act swiftly due to stringent time constraints in these cases.

Securing Compensation for Unpaid Wages

In Hamilton Township, the majority of hourly employees are eligible for overtime pay, extending to certain salaried workers. Our understanding of federal and state wage payment statutes equips us to assist individuals in securing complete and just compensation for wage and hour violations. Hamilton Township labor attorneys are proficient in explaining the intricacies of overtime pay laws, regulations, and rules, committed to ensuring employees receive the remuneration they’re rightfully owed, whether compensated hourly or on a salary basis.

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