New Jersey Employment Law requires that an employer conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into claims of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation in the workplace. Some companies assign the task of investigating the complaint made by an employee to its own Human Resources Department. We suggest that you retain an outside law firm to assist you in the investigation.

Why should you hire our firm to conduct the internal investigation?
We are Plaintiff’s attorneys who primarily represent individuals. Our credentials, experience and independence will demonstrate that we are not biased towards a company and we do not depend on the company in order to make our living. We do not handle lawsuits on behalf of the company. Therefore, our opinion and findings will be viewed as independent in comparison to an investigation that is conducted by your own Human Resources Department or a law firm that you have used for many years to assist you in litigation and other needs.

For example, we always take the deposition of the individual(s) who performed the investigation into the allegations of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation. The first thing that we ask is how much there are being paid, how much business they receive from the client and how many times in their carrier they have validated a claim for harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation. Depending on how this question is answered, and then how it is presented to a jury and the court, the investigation could lose all of its credibility and actually backfire on the Company. Whereas, our firm can answer that this is the first time that we were ever retained by the Company and we handle cases on behalf of employees suing companies.

We believe that our experience and independence can assist you and your company with your independent independent investigation into alleged workplace misconduct.of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation. Please call us to discuss.