Are you in need of training for your employees and supervisors? We strongly recommend that you hire an employment attorney to handle the training of your employees and supervisors.

Why should you hire our New Jersey employment attorneys to train your employees and supervisors? Unlike a Human Resources firm, we receive daily updates on the employment laws and cases in New Jersey, draft memos to our clients regarding the changes in the law and the potential impacts, and we handle litigations on behalf of individuals and companies involving employment law in New Jersey. This provides us with a very unique perspective on what you will need to do to protect you and your company from an employment lawsuit. It also allows us to focus on the specific trainings that are essential for your employees and supervisors to protect you and your company from being sued.

We have commonly found that companies only train their supervisors on the policies, procedures and employee handbook. This is a mistake in our opinion. The supervisors rarely provide the employees with the proper information regarding the training to protect you and your company from a lawsuit. A small to mid-size employer can train its employees in 1-3 shifts and complete all of the training in a day or two. This training will prevent an employee from later arguing that they were unaware of the complaint procedure for a harassment or discrimination claim. It will also prevent and employee from alleging in a lawsuit that they were unaware of the policy regarding harassment, discrimination or retaliation. For example, you would demonstrate in the litigation that the employee attended the training regarding harassment and discrimination, yet the employee refused to follow the procedure and hired a lawyer to file a lawsuit. This could protect you and your company from damages, including punitive damages.

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