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By Thomas McKinney

Are you in need of a New Jersey gender discrimination attorney? The New Jersey law against discrimination prevents discrimination against individuals based on gender. This means that an employer cannot treat you differently do to your sex.

We have commonly seen gender discrimination cases in New Jersey based on terminations, failure to promote, failure to hire and denile of benefits. These cases can be difficult to prove as you will need to be able to demonstrate that individuals of the opposite gender were treated more favorably or differently than you. This is considered circumstantial evidence of gender discrimination. The New Jersey courts have ruled in gender discrimination cases that circumstantial evidence is just as probative as direct evidence. The reason for this is that it is unlikely in this day in age for there to be directed evidence of discrimination as individuals and employers rarely create a smoking gun document evidencing the gender discrimination.

In a wrongful termination lawsuit alleging gender discrimination, we would demonstrate the wrongful termination was based on gender by showing that a woman was treated less favorably than her male counterparts. In a recent case filed by our firm, we were able to demonstrate that male coworkers were receiving leads for business generation, whereas, the woman was being denied these leads and therefore unable to generate the same amount of business as the men. She was later terminated despite having excellent performance based on the lack of lead generation. Her book of business was then distributed amongst men in the office. This was easier to prove based on her being the only woman working in the office at that time.

In a New Jersey gender discrimination case you are entitled to compensatory damages which consist of lost past and future wages and emotional distress damages, and punitive damages. You will also be entitled upon a successful verdict, for attorneys fees and costs. The amount of compensatory damages that you may be able to receive will depend on whether you were able to obtain alternate employment after your wrongful termination. In the event that you receive more compensation at your future employer following the wrongful termination, you would not be entitled to any future lost pay. However, you could receive lost future wages if your new employer is paying less than the employer that wrongfully terminated you. You may also be entitled to lost pay during the time period that you were out of work. Emotional distress damages are difficult to quantify and are typically set by a jury.

It can be very difficult to determine on your own whether you have a claim for gender discrimination in New Jersey. That is why our law firm offers free consultations so that we can discuss your specific situation and the facts in your matter to determine whether you have a claim for gender discrimination. We will analyze this in detail and make a recommendation to you regarding whether our firm would be interested in representing you. Please contact us today for a free and confidential consultation. Our New Jersey gender discrimination lawyers are waiting to hear from you, call 973-920-7888 to get help now.

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