New Jersey Overtime Pay Rules in 2018

By Thomas McKinney

Hourly workers in New Jersey are entitled to overtime pay for any hours over a total of 40 hours in a work week (7 days worked consecutively as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.)

New Jersey has no provision to compensate employees working over a set number of hours in a single day like some other states. So working a 12 hour day is paid at the standard rate unless they exceed the 40 hour limit.

Overtime Wage in New Jersey

Overtime Pay in New Jersey is calculated as “time and a half” the normal wage. Any hours worked above 40 in a single week are eligible for this modified rate. If an employee works 45 hours in a single work week they are entitled to 5 of those hours paid at one and a half the regular wage. An employee making $15 an hour would be paid $22.50 / hour for 5 hours.

New Jersey has exemptions for employees working for seasonal camps and workers, farm and agricultural workers, hotel staff, limo and bus drivers, non-profit employees and livestock workers. Visit the Department of Labor for more information and to see all the regulations and exemptions.

The Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires workers who qualify to receive overtime pay for all hours worked beyond the 40 hour limit in a single week. If your job involves manual labor (such as a carpenter or cashier) you are most likely afforded protections under law.

Getting Help With Overtime Pay

If you feel you are entitled to overtime, have a dispute with your employer or have been denied overtime pay call us for a free consultation. New Jersey laws are in place to protect you from being taken advantage of.

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