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By Thomas McKinney

Are you in search of a New Jersey severance agreement attorney? Our attorneys can assist you in dealing with the difficulty of receiving a severance agreement and having your job terminated.

There may be several things contained in your severance agreement that you may want to have reviewed, revised or modified. For example, oftentimes severance agreements will contain non competes, non-solicitation, or confidential information provisions that may prevent you working for a competitor, starting your own business, or working with any of the customers or clients that you previously worked with at the company. Your severance agreement may also contain a non disparagement provision preventing you from saying anything negative about the company. You may want to have the non disparagement provision changed so that the company also agrees not to allow any employees to say anything that would disparage you.

The most critical section contained in any severance agreement is the general release against the company. The general release will typically have you waive any and all potential claims that you could bring against the employer. You should speak with a New Jersey severance attorney in order to determine whether you have any potential claims against the company. Once you sign this agreement you will no longer be able to file a lawsuit or seek anything against the company. Therefore, it is crucial to meet with an attorney who has experience and knowledge regarding New Jersey employment law to advise you on your rights and potential claims. In the event that you do have a potential claim against the company, our New Jersey severance attorneys may be able to negotiate with the employer to increase the amount of severance that you’re going to receive. This is often times much faster than a lawsuit because the settlement discussions start right away. Whereas, in a lawsuit it can take months if not years before any settlement discussions will occur.

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