New Jersey Severance Negotiations

You may have a received a New Jersey Severance Agreement and are looking to negotiate with your employer to increase the amount of severance. There are several things that you can do to try and have the amount increased.

First, try and determine whether you were illegally terminated, or there is an inference that our termination may have been in violation of the law. Second, think bout the ways that the company may need to use you in the future – this can add to your value because the company may need you to assist in litigation, to help transition your position, to provide consulting services, or to assist with a patent application.  Third, you should consider whether you, or a NJ Severance Lawyer, should handle the negotiations.  It is hard to predict how your employer will react, but we have found that you can obtain better results in enhancing your severance agreement if you retain someone who has experience negotiating severance agreements.

New Jersey Severance Negotiations can be difficult and you should consult with a NJ Severance Lawyer to determine whether you can successfully negotiate your severance.  Our NJ Severance Lawyers will inform you whether we believe there would be a value added to have us negotiate your severance agreement.

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Thomas A. McKinney, Esq.

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