Sexual harassment in the workplace is an unnerving experience for those who have been victimized, threatened, or even witness the behaviors. The legal right to work without fear of harassment or sexual discrimination is guaranteed by the laws that govern the state of New Jersey. It is illegal for a supervisor, coworker, or even a client to take advantage of a working relationship for personal sexual favors or to belittle or objectify an employee who is simply trying to earn a fair wage. So, what can you do if you feel you have been sexually harassed at work? How can you recognize the signs to tell if it is really is sexual harassment?  How can you prove sexual harassment in order to register a complaint to get the behaviors to stop?

What Do I Prove Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

In the state of New Jersey, sexual harassment is defined as either repetitive commentary or behaviors that belittle, objectify, threaten, or otherwise give unwanted sexual attention based on an employee’s gender or sexuality. These comments or actions are enough to make a reasonable employee feel uncomfortable or threatened in the workplace.

When comments, advances, intentional touching or confrontations occur in a regular fashion to make the atmosphere at work uncomfortable, this is considered Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment. Basically, the very nature of the commentary and behaviors that you must endure on a regular basis make it difficult for you to do your job and can affect productivity.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment can have the same unnerving effect on workers, but the difference is that sexual favors are requested as a way to gain a promotion or to avoid a negative setback at work. Whether the offers for sexual conduct are explicit or implied does not matter. No supervisor, co-worker or client may make any type of offer or deal where your compliance with sexual requests is a condition of the deal.

Sexual harassment can be proven with the right kind of evidence in the form of documentation of the harassing behaviors or comments. Witness testimonies and proof of making it known that such advances were not welcome both go a long way to helping your case, too.

Contact an Employment Law Attorney

If you feel you have been sexually harassed at work, you need a sexual harassment lawyer on your side. Contact the offices of Castronovo & McKinney for a free consultation of your case and we can help determine the right approach for your harassment claim.

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