NJ Business Dispute Lawyer | New Jersey Business Litigation Attorney

A NJ Business Dispute can disrupt the operations of your business and seriously impact the value of your company. In some cases the threatened litigation or business dispute can threaten your small compnay’s existence. Our NJ Business Dispute Lawyers can help you business through risk prevention measures, a quick dispute resolution strategy (mediation or arbitration) and defend/prosecute the matter in court.

NJ Business Dispute Lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney represent clients in general business litigations arbitrations and mediations. We handle all types of NJ Business Disputes including: breach of contract disputes, construction disputes, partnership disputes, franchise terminations, business defamation, and all other NJ Business Dispute matters.

We know that litigation can be very expensive. Before we ever suggest litigating, we will look to limit any costs by trying to negotiate an early resolution, pre-litigation settlement, or suggest a mediation. However, these pre-suit methods will not always work and litigation becomes unavoidable. AN J Dispute Lawyer at Castronovo & McKinney will aggressively and efficiently represent you and your business.

Please contact one of a NJ Business Dispute Lawyer at our firm to discuss your NJ Business Litigation.