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NJ Civil Rights Lawyers rely upon New Jersey’s most used employment law — the Law Against Discrimination — that resides in Title 10 of New Jersey’s statutes.  Title 10 is captioned, “Civil Rights.”  The title alone tells us how important employment laws are in New Jersey.  But the Law Against Discrimination goes further.  Section 2 explicitly states that it is based in NJ civil rights: the Law Against Discrimination is designed  “for the protection of the public safety, health and morals and to promote the general welfare and in fulfillment of the provisions of the Constitution of this State guaranteeing civil rights.”  New Jersey pioneered civil rights by passing the Law Against Discrimination in 1948, almost 20 years before the federal government did so.

New Jersey has repeatedly amended the Law Against Discrimination to protect other civil rights.  For example, New Jersey outlaws discrimination due to sexual orientation.  Federal law still fails to protect workers from civil rights violations based on their sexual orientation.

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