Experienced NJ Divorce Attorneys & Mediation Lawyers

Our lawyers handle divorces, child custody disputes, child support and alimony issues in  both court and through mediation throughout New Jersey. Our firm’s divorce lawyers can help protect you and the interests of your children.  We will explain in detail how your property and assets could be divided.  We will also discuss how alimony and child support will be determined by the court.

Our New Jersey Family Law Practice Areas

If you are considering a divorce, are experiencing child support issues, or have any other questions regarding any family law matters, we can assist you in answering any of your questions.  You may have questions regarding any of the following:  How do I file for a divorce in New Jersey? What are my rights when filing for a divorce?  Where am I permitted to file for divorce? How much will I have to pay in child support or spousal support?  If I lose my job, can I change the amount of child support or spousal support that I will have to pay?  How difficult is it to obtain a restraining order?  What do I need to demonstrate in order to obtain a restraining order against the other parent?  How does the divorce mediation process work in New Jersey?  Do both sides have to agree to mediate the divorce?  Can the court order that both sides attend a divorce mediation?  How much does a divorce cost?  If one side wins the divorce, could the other side be required to reimburse them for all attorneys’ fees and costs?  Are prenuptial agreements enforceable in New Jersey?

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