Our New Jersey alimony attorneys have assisted hundreds of clients regarding alimony and spousal support.

A court may require one spouse to pay another spouse support or alimony based on a number of circumstances.  We can provide you with a thorough evaluation of your obligations and discuss the amount of alimony you may be entitled to receive or have to pay in the event that you divorce.

We can also work with you and the court to modify any order entered requiring you to provide alimony.  These types of motions are filed when either spouse has a change in financial circumstances.

Please call us for a free consultation to discuss any questions you may have regarding alimony or spousal support with a New Jersey alimony attorney.

Alimony is ordered by the court to be paid by one spouse to another under a number of circumstances. Please contact us so that we can review your circumstances and help assist you with evaluating the amount of possible alimony to may receive or be required to pay.

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