Our NJ child support lawyers can provide you with a thorough analysis of your potential child support obligations.  We also can work with the court to modify or change the current child support order in the event that either you or your spouse’s financial conditions have changed.

New Jersey’s Child Support law provides that both the mother and father have an obligation to provide financial support to their children.  However, the amount of child support provided be each spouse will depend on the spouse’s income level, whether the parent has custody of the child, and the amount of time the parent spend with the children.   It is difficult to predict the amount of child support that will be ordered by the court absent an agreement between the parents.  A Judge will hear arguments from both parents regarding the proper amount of support to be awarded for the child.  Our NJ child support lawyers  recommend, when possible, that the parents sit down informally, or through a mediation proceeding, to arrange for the proper amount of child support.  This way the decision is not left with the Court.

Child support will be required until the child is no longer covered by the Court’s order or if the child is emancipated. A parent can move to have the child emancipated by applying to the Court and demonstrating that the child is independent and no longer requires financial support from the parent.  If the other parent does not agree that the child no longer requires financial support, the parent seeking to have the child emancipated will have to file a motion with the Court seeking to emancipate the child.

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