Our NJ Divorce mediation lawyers provide mediation services as an alternative to a costly litigation for your marital estate, child support, spousal support and custody.

In our divorce mediations, we work with both the husband and wife to try and resolve the mater as amicably as possible.  We do not represent any party and are simply trying to resolve the dispute for both parties.Our New Jersey Divorce attorneys are recognized throughout New Jersey as experienced mediation professionals.  We know that a court order regarding the divorce can lead to more litigation and even more costs for attorneys.   We will work with you to resolve the divorce for all parties so you don’t need to spend any more money on attorneys’ fees.

Our family law attorneys perform two different roles in mediation.  First, we can be your attorney for the mediation and work with you to try and get the best result possible for you and your family.  Second, we can serve as the mediator and will work with both sides to resolve the divorce.

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