Hire A NJ Family Lawyer To Prepare & File Your Court Documents

Have you had a change in circumstances and require that a court order be modified?  We can assist you in modifying or changing the court order from your divorce in New Jersey.  We will contact the court on your behalf and ask the Court to modify the order from the family court.  In order to prevail on a modification of the court order, we must demonstrate that there has been a change in circumstances that is substantial enough to require that the Order be modified.  Changes in circumstances that may lead to a modification of the court’s order are: (1) reduction in the amount of income that would result in a change of approximately 15%, either an increase or decrease, in child support or spousal support; (2) a schedule change of the parent that would require that an amendment be made to the visitation rights of the children; or (3) a change in a parent’s ability to continue being in the child’s life as scheduled by the order, for example, a change in living situation or location that would require that the residence of the child be modified or that the responsibilities of the parents as defined in the Order must be modified to reflect the change.  There are numerous other examples of changed circumstances, so we request that you contact our firm to discuss your specific situation and we can advise you on whether we believe the order from the court could me modified.

We will prepare the necessary documents and file them with the court to modify the court’s prior order.  As your NJ family lawyer we will also appear on your behalf before the court to try and modify your order.  We can even provide these services if we did not represent you in your prior divorce litigation. We understand that the process can seem overwhelming to you and your family as these changes arise. Our goal is to ease the process and give you peace of mind during your family’s time of transition.

Contact us to talk with a NJ family lawyer if you are interested in modifying the court’s prior order.  We can provide you with a free consultation and discuss how our NJ Family Law Firm can assist you, call us at 973-920-7888 to get immediate help.