We handle litigation of all employment law claims in New Jersey.

Our employment law firm handles all types of employment law claims and litigation throughout the state of New Jersey. We handle cases in every county in New Jersey. Our NJ Employment Claims Attorneys can travel to meet with clients in the event that our office is too far for them to travel from their home. We can also arrange for a car service to help transport a potential client to our office in the event they do not have transportation.

Litigation of employment law claims consists of the filing of a lawsuit and handling the lawsuit from start to finish. Litigation of employment law claims is different than standard litigation for a personal injury matter.

Litigation typically begins with the serving of a demand letter. A demand letter is a letter sent to the defendant explaining what happened, the claims that we believe you possess, and a demand for them to contact us within a certain amount of time to try and resolve the matter. If the defendant is unwilling to resolve the matter at that stage, we will proceed with the filing of a complaint. A complaint is a document reflecting your allegations that is filed with the court. This is the initiating document for your lawsuit. The defendant will be served with a copy of the complaint. It is similar to what you have seen in the movies where a process server will give them a copy of the complaint and we will then file proof of service with the court. The defendant will then submit an answer to the complaint. After the answer is filed the discovery stage begins.

In employment litigation in New Jersey the discovery stage last a minimum of four hundred fifty days. This means that both sides have 450 days to complete the exchange of documents, written questions and answers and depositions. There may also be the need for expert testimony. After the discovery phase has closed, there will likely be motion practice and a motion for summary judgment filed by either defendant and plaintiff. In the event that summary judgment is granted, the case is over for garden that count and the judge can award certain damages. In the event that summary judgment is denied, the case will proceed to trial. Trials can last any amount of days depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of the witnesses that need to testify. At the conclusion of the trial jury will decide whether or not you have prevailed in proving your case. The jury will then awarded damages based on what they heard during the trial. They judge has the right to reduce those damages in the event he feels that the jury verdict was improper.

After the trial is finalized and the award is finalized, the other side may file an appeal to challenge the decision made by the trial court. The appeal can take anywhere from the year to a year and a half to complete. In the event that a party is not pleased with the outcome from the appellate court, they can then submit an appeal to the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In the event that the Supreme Court agrees to hear the matter, this can add another year to 2 years before a row like it’s made by the Supreme Court.

Our employment law firm handles employment litigation throughout the state of New Jersey and handles matters involving the New Jersey law on discrimination, the New Jersey conscientious employee Protection Act, the New Jersey wage and hour laws, the Family Medical Leave Act, age discrimination in employment and all other employment law matters. If you have any questions regarding your potential employment law claim or lawsuit, please contact one of our NJ Employment Claims Attorney for a free consultation.