NJ Employment Handbook | NJ Employee Handbook Lawyer in NJ

A NJ Employment Handbook or NJ Employee Handbook is essential for all employers in New Jersey.  Our NJ Employment Handbook Lawyers have drafted hundreds of employee handbooks for companies throughout New Jersey.  We have drafted employment handbooks for Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and small companies with less than 10 employees.  Our NJ Employment Lawyers have the experience of working on behalf of employers and individuals to provide you with the required skill and knowledge to create a NJ employee handbook that protects your company.

If you do not have a NJ Employment Handbook, you may be opening your company up to liability in the event that it is sued.  For example, New Jersey Employment Law requires that all companies have a clear and available anti-harassment/discrimination policy that is monitored by the company.  You can protect your company from claims of discrimination, retaliation or harassment if you have a clear and effective policy in place.  The best way to do this is by providing your employees with a NJ Employment Handbook.

Our NJ Employment Lawyers will provide your company with a free consultation to evaluate what your company needs to protect itself from a lawsuit.  We will update the handbook each year based on the new developments in the employment laws so that your company continues to be protected.  We offer both hourly and flat-rates to draft the employment handbook and other employment contracts.  Please contact our NJ Employment Handbook Lawyers to assist your company in drafting a NJ Employment Handbook.