NJ Employment Law Verdicts Can Be Overturned

We always explain to our clients that a trial based on New Jersey employment law with a successful verdict does not always mean that our client will prevail before the Appellate Division or whether the verdict may be reduced by the Trial Judge, Appellate Division or Supreme Court.

Today, the NJ Appellate Division overturned $12,000,000 in verdicts awarded to consumers who used Accutane.  The consumers were successful in their trials and were awarded significant judgments by the jury and trial court.  However, the Appellate Division did not reduce the amount of the verdicts, but decided that Hoffman-LaRoche was entitled to a directed verdict in their favor.

This is another example of how a trial and successful verdict is just another step in the litigation and is by no means the end.  The Appellate Division and New Jersey Supreme Court can confirm, amend, reduce or deny the verdict.