NJ Wrongful Termination Laws

What is NJ Wrongful Termination? Wrongful termination means a very specific thing under New Jersey law.  Many terminations can be wrong or unfair but that does not make them wrongful under the law.  To have a legal claim, an employee’s termination must break NJ or federal law.  New Jersey and federal law forbid termination of employment due to discrimination, retaliation, or interference with … [Read more...]

Understanding NJ Disability Discrimination

Lawyers and NJ Disability Discrimination Rights Disability discrimination law in New Jersey is complicated and violations are common.  The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protects employees with permanent or temporary disabilities from being fired or forced to work in pain due to a disability.  Given the complexity of disability discrimination law, it is important to consult a lawyer to … [Read more...]

NJ Employment Law

NJ Employment Law Protections for Employees Most workers in New Jersey are employees “at will.”  Unless a worker is a member of a union, protected by government civil service, or has an employment contract, he or she is employed at will.  At will employment means that an employee can be fired for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all – so long as the firing does not break the law.  … [Read more...]

New Jersey Sexual Harassment Help

Have you been sexually harassed in NJ? Many people talk about harassment at work or a hostile work environment. But the legal definition of these terms is very different from the ordinary understanding. The law defines sexual harassment as severe or persistent abuse directed at a worker (usually a woman) because of sex or gender that alters the terms and conditions of employment. Sexual … [Read more...]

Severance Pay in New Jersey

Have you been offered severance pay in New Jersey?  We can help guide you through the process.  Most people who have just been offered a severance package or severance pay begin by asking the following questions: Why was I selected for the lay off? Do I have a potential lawsuit against the company for terminating my employment? How did they determine the amount of severance pay? Are … [Read more...]

New Jersey Severance Attorney

How to hire a qualified New Jersey severance attorney. Understanding severance agreements in New Jersey. Do you have a severance agreement or package in New Jersey and are looking for a New Jersey severance lawyer? An experienced New Jersey attorney can assist you with your severance agreement or severance package. A qualified severance attorney will have reviewed and negotiated hundreds of … [Read more...]

New Jersey Sexual Harassment Attorneys

What are the sexual harassment laws in New Jersey? How to prove you have been sexually harassed in New Jersey. There is the state of New Jersey Law against discrimination and the federal title seven statutes that protect sexual harassment in New Jersey. The New Jersey Law against discrimination is more favorable for most plaintiffs in both sexual harassment claims brought by a firm and are based … [Read more...]

New Jersey Discrimination Lawyers – NJ Law Against Discrimination

Castronovo & McKinney, LLC’s New Jersey Discrimination Lawyers have handled hundreds of discrimination matter on behalf of clients. Discrimination is illegal in the workplace based on the New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination. In order for the discrimination to be illegal, our New Jersey Discrimination Lawyers will need to be able to demonstrate that you were discriminated against based on … [Read more...]

NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers- NJ Laws Against Harassment

Selecting the right attorney from the long list of NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers can be a challenge. There are many things to look for in order to determine the best sexual harassment lawyer to represent you in your matter. Keep in mind that the litigation process can be long and range from 2-6 years for a case, so you want to make sure that you have selected the right attorney to represent you … [Read more...]

$3 Million NJ Age Discrimination Verdict for Investigators Upheld on Appeal | NJ Age Discrimination Lawyers

Six former Investigators employed by the Passaic County Prosecutor’s prevailed in showing that they were fired due to their ages, ranging from 42 to 64.  The jury awarded each lost pay, including lost pay in the future, as well as $175,000 each for punitive damages.  They proved their case by using the prosecutor’s admission that he used their pension eligibility as a key factor in selecting them … [Read more...]