Our NJ non-compete agreement lawyers have reviewed hundreds of non-compete agreements in New Jersey.  There are many different aspects to evaluating a non-compete agreement,  negotiating out of the non-compete agreement, and challenging the validity of the non-compete agreement.

Employers will often times require employees to sign a non-compete agreement in order to protect their customer lists, trade secrets, intellectual property, employees from solicitation and to prevent an employee from becoming a competitor.  The non-compete agreement may prevent the employee from using or disclosing any customer lists, trade secrets, intellectual property, soliciting employees or becoming a competitor.

A non-compete agreement is different than a standard contract entered into between two parties and is treated differently by the Courts.  Unlike other employment contracts, a non-compete agreement prohibits free trade and commerce.  Therefore, public policy in New Jersey favors individuals being able to work and being competitive.  Accordingly, New Jersey requires that non-compete agreements be limited in the amount of time and geographic scope.  The non-compete agreement must also not generally prohibit a person from working and must protect a legitimate business interest of the company.

In order for a non-compete agreement to be valid in New Jersey, the non-compete agreement must be limited to meet the needs of the employer balanced against the needs of the individual bound by the non-compete agreement.

Our NJ non-compete agreement lawyers will review the non-compete agreement, advise you on New Jersey non-compete law and help provide you with ways that you can challenge the validity of the non-compete or continue to work without violating the terms of the non-compete agreement.

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