NJ Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers | New Jersey Pregnancy Discrimination

Our NJ Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers can assist you with you with any discrimination you are suffering as a result of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy discrimination in New Jersey can include all of the following adverse employment actions taken by an employer: (1) Refusing to hire a pregnancy woman because she is pregnant; (2) Firing you or demoting a pregnant woman because she is pregnant (or has announced that she is planning to get pregnant — commonly in IVF); (3) denying q pregnant woman the same or similar job when she returns from pregnancy leave; or (4) treating a pregnant woman differently than other temporarily disabled employees (men receive paid time off for disability leave and the pregnancy leave policy does not allow for paid time off).

Our New Jersey Employment lawfirm receives numerous calls a week from pregnant women who have been treated differently at work because of one reason — they are pregnant.  Sometimes the extremely successful and highly ranked woman becomes pregnant and later finds herself part of a company wide reduction-in-force or no longer considered to be the top performer she has always been.  This is illegal and a violation of NJ’s Law Against Discrimination.

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