New Jersey Severance Law | Severance Law in NJ

New Jersey severance law is a myth.  There is no severance law in New Jersey that protects employees or requires an employer to provide an employee with severance pay.  Our lawyers receive numerous calls a month asking whether a NJ employer is required to provide severance pay – the answer is no.  However, there are some exceptions to the non-existent New Jersey severance law. For example, an employer would be required to pay an employee severance if there is a contract requiring severance pay.  Also, if the employer provides a policy or section in its handbook setting forth that employees are entitled to severance pay, then the employer is required to provide severance.

If you have been offered a severance package, you do need a severance laeyer to improve the offer. We will work with you and your former employer to increase the amount of severance you are being offered and help negotiate additional/continued benefits.

If you have not been offered a severance package and feel that you were wrongfully terminated, our lawyers can also help negotiate a settlement agreement pre-suit that would be similar to what you might receive as severance.

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