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Have you been sexually harassed in NJ? Many people talk about harassment at work or a hostile work environment. But the legal definition of these terms is very different from the ordinary understanding. The law defines sexual harassment as severe or persistent abuse directed at a worker (usually a woman) because of sex or gender that alters the terms and conditions of employment. Sexual … [Read more...]

New Jersey Sexual Harassment Attorneys

What are the sexual harassment laws in New Jersey? How to prove you have been sexually harassed in New Jersey. There is the state of New Jersey Law against discrimination and the federal title seven statutes that protect sexual harassment in New Jersey. The New Jersey Law against discrimination is more favorable for most plaintiffs in both sexual harassment claims brought by a firm and are based … [Read more...]

NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers- NJ Laws Against Harassment

Selecting the right attorney from the long list of NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers can be a challenge. There are many things to look for in order to determine the best sexual harassment lawyer to represent you in your matter. Keep in mind that the litigation process can be long and range from 2-6 years for a case, so you want to make sure that you have selected the right attorney to represent you … [Read more...]

Interns Can’t Sue for Sexual Harassment on the Job | NJ Sexual Harassment

A federal court in New York ruled last week that an intern at a TV broadcasting company could not sue for workplace sexual harassment under New York state and city laws because she was not paid and therefore not an employee. See Wang v. Phoenix Satellite Television. The intern alleged that the broadcaster’s Washington, DC bureau chief hugged her, tried to kiss her and “squeezed her buttocks with … [Read more...]

NJ “Borgata Babes” Can Be Fired for Gaining Weight, Says Judge | NJ Weight Discrimination Lawyers

Workplace discrimination due to weight is not illegal.  Last week, Superior Court Judge Nelson Johnson granted summary judgment for the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and dismissed a weight discrimination case brought by 22 cocktail waitresses known as the “Borgata Babes.” The waitresses argued that the casino viewed them as sex objects who were forced to submit to weigh-ins and suspensions … [Read more...]

What Is Sexual Harassment in NJ? | New Jersey Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment in NJ is unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors that are done either verbally or through physical conduct of a sexual nature and (1) the submission to the conduct becomes a term or condition of your employment, (2) rejection or submission to the conduct would be used to determine your employment status or employment decisions, or (3) the harassing conduct … [Read more...]

Wal-Mart Sex Discrimination Class Action Renewed

Wal-Mart is again facing an 11-year-old sex discrimination class action brought by workers in San Francisco after the Supreme Court earlier prohibited a lawsuit representing female Wal-Mart employees nationwide. In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling, the women proposed a smaller class size. The reduced class “could be certified,” federal Judge Charles Breyer wrote, if it made a “showing … [Read more...]

Judge Suspended for Four Months Without Pay for Sexual Harassment in NJ

A New Jersey Superior Court judge who fondled court employees during a holiday party was suspended without pay for four months.  The Supreme Court of New Jersey also ordered Judge Marquis Jones Jr. to attend alcohol counseling because he blamed his inability to recall his conduct on drunkenness.  According to the administrative record, Judge Jones inappropriately touched and made sexually … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment By A Supervisor

If you were sexually harassed by a supervisor in New Jersey, then your employer may be liable for the sexual harassment despite not learning of the harassment your our lack of filing a complaint regarding the harassment.  A supervisor who controls the workplace and is given the authority at the job to oversee employees will be considered an agent of the employer.  The supervisor will create … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment in NJ by Military | NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers

We have noticed an increase in calls from prospective clients regarding Sexual Harassment in NJ by members of the military.   Our NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers are aware that the military claims to have a zero tolerance policy and that a transfer is available upon reporting sexual harassment, sexual assault or other inappropriate/illegal sexual conduct.  However, the major issue is what is being … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment by a Customer in New Jersey | NJ Sexual Harassment Law

It is illegal for a customer to sexually harass employees in New Jersey. This is not the typical type of sexual harassment case in New Jersey and the necessary facts to prevail in this type of case is also different. You would need to demonstrate that management was aware of the sexual harassment by the customer and failed to take any action to prevent the sexual harassment by the customer from … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment Verdict | Largest in United States History | NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers

A jury in California awarded a victim of sexual harassment $168 Million representing the largest sexual harassment verdict in the history of the United States.  The jury found that the Plaintiff, a physician's assistant, was subjected to a hostile work environment due to the sexual harassment and retaliation during her two years of employment.  The employer would constantly make comments to her, … [Read more...]

Sexually Harassed at Work in New Jersey

Have you been sexually harassed in NJ? Our NJ sexual harassment lawyers can assist you in stopping the sexual harassment, determining whether you have a claim for sexual harassment, and getting you the justice you deserve. New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination makes it illegal for a supervisor or co-worker to sexually harass you at work. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment in NJ at … [Read more...]

NJ Sexual Harassment Law | Legal Update

Everyone is entitled to a workplace free of sexually inappropriate behavior, and NJ Sexual Harassment Law protects against sexual harassment in the workplace. If you have been sexually harassed on the job, your employer is required to fix the situation and prohibited from retaliating against you for making a complaint. In many cases, you may be entitled to compensation for any financial losses or … [Read more...]

NJ Sexual Harassment Decision Sends Case to Trial

It is established New Jersey Employment law that an employer is responsible for sexual harassment when the harasser is a supervisor or when the harasser is a co-worker and the employer failed to investigate and fix the sexual harassment. But a trial judge in New Jersey “misconstrued pertinent case law” on sexual harassment, so the Appellate Division reversed the judge’s dismissal of the case and … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment by Hollywood Producer Yields $3.3 Million Verdict

A California jury ordered film producer Jon Peters to pay his former assistant more than $3 million after finding that Peters sexually harassed her.  The jury found that Peters fondled her at his Malibu home and climbed into bed with her in a hotel while filming "Superman Returns" in 2005.   She claimed that she couldn't find work in Hollywood after suing Peters because of his influence in the … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment Can Happen In Any Kind of Job | New Jersey Sexual Harassment Laws

Can a female employee working in the “sexually charged atmosphere” of a company that sells pornography and sex toys sue for being fired in retaliation for reporting sexual harassment? Yes, but it is not as strange as it sounds.  Even though the woman did not find the company’s business objectionable, working for a sex toy company is not the same thing as being sexually harassed by a co-worker and … [Read more...]

NJ Sexual Harassment Law – Sexual Harassment at a Company Event

Can your employer be held liable for sexual harassment that occurs at a company sponsored event that it outside of your typical work hours?  Yes.  You employer is responsible for the misconduct and sexual harassment of its employees at company sponsored events.  The employer can defend against the claim by demonstrating that it took all reasonable steps to prevent the harassment.  Some of the … [Read more...]

NJ Sexual Harassment Law — Sexually Harassed at Work?

Under New Jersey law, sexual harassment in the workplace is an outlawed form of sex discrimination.  To prove sexual harassment, an employee (usually a woman) must show: (1) the complained-of conduct would not have occurred but for her sex, (2) the conduct was severe or pervasive enough to make (3) a reasonable woman believe that (4) the working environment is hostile or abusive.  When the … [Read more...]

Same-Sex Partners Entitled to Bereavement Benefits in New York

As of October 29, 2010, New York companies who provide bereavement benefits to employees will be required to provide employees in same-sex relationships with bereavement leave following the death of the same-sex partner, or the child, or other relative of same-sex partner. Accordingly, an employee whose same-sex partner dies, or the parent, child or other relative or the same-sex partner dies, the … [Read more...]

Same Sex Discrimination and Harassment

Same sex gender discrimination and harassment is protected under New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination and Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. For example, the United States Supreme Court recognized same sex sexual harassment in the case Oncale v Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc. (1998), which involved a male worker's claim that he had been subjected to sexual harassment by male … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment – Do You Need to Complain About it?

It is always recommended that an employee who been sexually harassed should complain about the conduct.  However, the employee may not always required to follow the formal complaint procedure set forth by the employer.  The important part is that the employer or management learn that the employee is being sexually harassed.  If Human Resources or an outside attorney conducts an internal … [Read more...]

You Can Be Sexually Harassed by a Customer, Not Just a Boss or Coworker

New Jersey law outlaws any form of discrimination or harassment due to a protected trait in both the employment setting and in so-called "refusal to deal" cases between vendors and customers.  For example, in a recent case, a woman who owns a tire company sued a rental company customer for ending the business relationship after she refused the customer's sexual advances.   The court ruled that the … [Read more...]

Summary of New Jersey Sexual Harassment Law – Company Liability

To determine whether a Company will be liable for sexual harassment under New Jersey Law, a jury will evaluate three issues: Whether the alleged conduct actually occurred; Whether the conduct was sexual harassing (was the conduct “severe” or “pervasive” enough to make a reasonable woman believe that the conditions of employment were altered and the working environment was intimidating, hostile … [Read more...]

Sexually Harassed at Work

Do you believe that you have been sexually harassed at work?  Sexual Harassment occurs when someone has made you feel uncomfortable, scared, or threatened by sexual advances, jokes, touching, threats, emails or any other comments of a sexual nature that are not appropriate for the workplace.  If this has occurred, you have most likely been the victim of sexual harassment.  Please  review our blog … [Read more...]