NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers- NJ Laws Against Harassment

Selecting the right attorney from the long list of NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers can be a challenge. There are many things to look for in order to determine the best sexual harassment lawyer to represent you in your matter.

Keep in mind that the litigation process can be long and range from 2-6 years for a case, so you want to make sure that you have selected the right attorney to represent you for your case. You may want to consider the experience that the attorney has handling sexual harassment cases in NJ. For example, there are numerous attorneys that handle all types of matters (criminal, real estate closings, personal injury, etc.) and you may want to take into consideration the specific experience that the lawyer has regarding sexual harassment.

Our NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers have always specialized in New Jersey Employment Law and have handled over a hundred different sexual harassment lawsuits, negotiations and situations. We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your potential sexual harassment claim and provide you with our opinion on whether you potential matter could succeed in either New Jersey State or Federal Court. Our NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers will also explain how the process works and how you can bring a claim against your employer and the person who sexually harassed you.

There are two different types of sexual harassment under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. The First is quid pro quo sexual harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment is harassment where the a supervisor or owner of the company suggests that your terms of employment (raise, job continuation, promotion, change in schedule, etc.) is conditioned upon you agreeing to a sexual demand or advances.

The second type of sexual harassment is Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment. This is where a supervisor, owner or co-worker creates a sexually charged environment by making sexual comments (verbal, written, or pictures) or physical touching. The comments must be either “severe” or “pervasive”. This means that that the conduct must be unwelcome and happens frequently or that the conduct was extremely offensive in order to be considered severe.

In the event that the sexual harassment was done by a co-worker, the requirement are different in order to hold the employer liable for the conduct. First, our NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers would evaluate whether you had previously complained about the sexual harassment and the conduct continued after you complained. Second, we would look to see whether the employer had a policy in place to prevent sexual harassment and whether it was enforced. Third, we would look at the past practices of the employer and whether there were prior claims of sexual harassment that went ignored.

Our NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers are here to assist you and make the sexual harassment stop, prevent it from ever occurring again and provide you with compensation for the emotional distress that you have suffered as a result of the sexual harassment. All of our consultations are free and confidential. Please contact one of our NJ Sexual Harassment Lawyers today to schedule your consulation.