NJ Wrongful Termination Laws

What is NJ Wrongful Termination? Wrongful termination means a very specific thing under New Jersey law.  Many terminations can be wrong or unfair but that does not make them wrongful under the law.  To have a legal claim, an employee’s termination must break NJ or federal law.  New Jersey and federal law forbid termination of employment due to discrimination, retaliation, or interference with … [Read more...]

Proposed NJ Employment Law Would Protect Unpaid Interns from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

New Jersey law protects employees from many forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. But it does not protect unpaid interns because the law finds that they are not employees due to the lack of a paycheck for their work. A bill sponsored by Senator Nia Gill, S-3064, would change that.  If the bill becomes law, it would provide interns with protection under the Law Against … [Read more...]

NJ “Borgata Babes” Can Be Fired for Gaining Weight, Says Judge | NJ Weight Discrimination Lawyers

Workplace discrimination due to weight is not illegal.  Last week, Superior Court Judge Nelson Johnson granted summary judgment for the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and dismissed a weight discrimination case brought by 22 cocktail waitresses known as the “Borgata Babes.” The waitresses argued that the casino viewed them as sex objects who were forced to submit to weigh-ins and suspensions … [Read more...]

Catholic School Teacher Awarded $171,000 for Pregnancy Discrimination Due to Church Doctrine

A federal jury in Ohio ruled in favor of a teacher who said that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati discriminated against her after becoming pregnant through artificial insemination.  The jury awarded her $171,000.  The Archdiocese argued that it was legally allowed to fire her for violating church doctrine against artificial insemination.  The teacher taught computers for the school; … [Read more...]

Terminated While Out On FMLA & Sick Leave

Many employees believe that they cannot be fired from their job while they are out of FMLA leave. The courts have been offering less protection these days for FMLA protected leave. You can be terminated in the event that you violate another policy while out on sick leave. For example, the Third Circuit recently affirmed a decision by the District Court where the employer terminated an employee for … [Read more...]

New Jersey Family Leave Act – Wrongful Discharge

Have you been wrongfully terminated under the New Jersey Family Leave Act? In order to succeed on a cause of action under the New Jersey Family Leave Act alleging an adverse employment action, you must prove: (1) you were employed by the company; (2) you were performing your job satisfactorily; (3) a qualifying member of your family was seriously injured ; (4) you took or sought to take leave … [Read more...]

Settlement of Discrimination and Wrongful Termination Does Not Prevent Workers’ Compensation Claim

Individuals can file a lawsuit alleging discrimination and file a separate claim for Workers’ Compensation. Our New Jersey wrongful termination lawyers  frequently have clients who have both a discrimination lawsuit and workers’ compensation claim.  When one of the matters settles, our clients are typically concerned regarding whether the settlement of one lawsuit includes the other … [Read more...]