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Morris County, New Jersey is the tenth-most populous county in the state and home to over 30 Fortune 500 businesses representing major industries such as finance, insurance, real estate, pharmaceuticals, health services, research and development, and technology. The county also ranks third in the New York metropolitan areas in terms of median income.

Despite these impressive statistics people who live and work in Morris County are not immune to workplace conflicts – employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wage violations, and wrongful termination can impact anyone. If you believe your employment rights have been violated, turn to the employment law attorneys at Castronovo & McKinney, LLC.

Our practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of employees in Morris County and throughout New Jersey in arbitration and court proceedings. When you consult with us, we will listen to your concerns and address them by providing you with powerful representation and dependable service. With offices in Morristown and Manhattan, we are the informed choice in employment law. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case. 

Employment  Discrimination Attorneys in Morris County

All workers have a right to be treated fairly, but employment discrimination is still a problem in New Jersey and around the country. Whether you have been denied a job opportunity because of your race or passed over for a promotion due to your disability, discrimination in the workplace is a violation of federal and state law, including:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII)
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • The Age  Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
  • The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD)

These laws prohibit employers from making employment decisions (e.g. hiring, compensating, promoting, firing) based on a wide range of protected characteristics, such as race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual identity. While employees have powerful legal protections against discrimination, taking legal action can be challenging. Let our legal team guide you through the process and help you stand up for your employment rights.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Is Illegal

All employees in Morris County have a right to a work environment free from sexual harassment, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Whether you have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances by a supervisor (“quid quo pro” harassment) or offensive comments by a supervisor, coworker, or a third party (hostile work environment), fighting back is the right thing to do for yourself and other workers who have been victimized.

At Castronovo & McKinney, we understand that victims of sexual harassment are often reluctant to come forward, fearing retaliation and reputational harm. When you become our client, we will handle all the details of your claim, take over all communications with your employer and their attorneys, and file a sexual harassment lawsuit if necessary. Rest assured, we will help to stop the harassment and protect your right to earn a living. 

Wrongful Termination

Employees in Morris County work “at will.” This means that they can be fired at any time, with or without cause. However, employers cannot fire employees for discriminatory reasons, in retaliation for engaging in legally protected activity (e.g. complaining about harassment, reporting safety violations), or in violation of public policy or refusing to take part in illegal activity. In addition, employees who are working under an employment contract that specifies the grounds for termination cannot be fired in violation of the contract terms.

Severance Agreements

Employees who are being let go are often required to sign a severance agreement in which they waive their right to file a lawsuit in exchange for severance pay. You should never sign a severance agreement before speaking to an experienced employment lawyer. A savvy attorney can help to negotiate fair severance pay and may be able to have your health insurance benefits extended so that you don’t have to scramble to find a new job.  

Wage and Hour Claims

All employees in New Jersey are entitled to be compensated fairly; state and federal laws require employers to pay the applicable minimum wage, overtime pay to eligible employees, commissions to salespeople, and other forms of earned compensation. 

Despite these legal obligations, wage theft is common in many industries, especially the restaurant and hospitality sectors. Our wage and hour attorneys regularly represent workers in individual and class-action lawsuits; we have a proven history of holding employers accountable for wage violations.

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