NJ Wrongful Termination Laws

What is NJ Wrongful Termination? Wrongful termination means a very specific thing under New Jersey law.  Many terminations can be wrong or unfair but that does not make them wrongful under the law.  To have a legal claim, an employee’s termination must break NJ or federal law.  New Jersey and federal law forbid termination of employment due to discrimination, retaliation, or interference with … [Read more...]

New Jersey Sexual Harassment Help

Have you been sexually harassed in NJ? Many people talk about harassment at work or a hostile work environment. But the legal definition of these terms is very different from the ordinary understanding. The law defines sexual harassment as severe or persistent abuse directed at a worker (usually a woman) because of sex or gender that alters the terms and conditions of employment. Sexual … [Read more...]

Severance Pay in New Jersey

Have you been offered severance pay in New Jersey?  We can help guide you through the process.  Most people who have just been offered a severance package or severance pay begin by asking the following questions: Why was I selected for the lay off? Do I have a potential lawsuit against the company for terminating my employment? How did they determine the amount of severance pay? Are … [Read more...]