New Jersey Unemployment Appeal Attorney


Were you denied unemployment in New Jersey or told that you owe New Jersey for the unemployment that was previously paid to you? Our experienced lawyers can assist you with your appeal of the decision regarding your unemployment.

NJ Unemployment Insurance is a system created by the State of New Jersey to allow workers who lose their job to continue receiving a certain level of income so that they can transition into a new job.  Unemployment is only provided to workers who lose their job for reasons that are outside of their own control or because a reasonable person who not be able to continue working at the job.  If workers quit their job, they will not be eligible for unemployment insurance in New Jersey.

Many employees file a claim for unemployment and do not know the exact reasons why the employer terminated their employment.  The employee finds out about this when it learns that the employer is contesting their application for unemployment benefits.  New Jersey’s Unemployment Board will hold a telephone hearing wherein you and the employer will participate and answer questions regarding your employment.  The unemployment examiner will issue a ruling stating that you are eligible for benefits, denied benefits, or required to payback benefits that you were already awarded.

Our NJ Unemployment Lawyers will guide you through the initial hearing and each stage of an appeal.  We will meet with you to prepare you for the hearing, submit documentation and briefing to the unemployment panel regarding why you are entitled to unemployment benefits, we will participate in each of the hearings with you so that we can ask specific questions to help you receive you unemployment benefits and succeed on your unemployment appeal.

We charge a flat-rate for the entire unemployment process including all appeals before the unemployment appeal board.  We handle these appeals throughout the State of New Jersey.  Please contact us today for a free consultation regarding your rights and how we can help you obtain the NJ Unemployment Appeal you are seeking. Contact our licensed NJ unemployment lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney at 973-920-7888 or fill out our free case evaluation form for immediate help.

Castronovo & McKinney, LLC helps clients with their unemployment claims throughout New Jersey including Bergen County, Essex County, Middlesex County, and Morris County as well as the cities Hackensack, Newark, New Brunswick, and Morristown.