Woodbridge Township Hairstyle Discrimination Attorney

Woodbridge Township Hairstyle Discrimination

Race Discrimination Based on Hair is Illegal

Legislation now prohibits race-based discrimination stemming from hairstyle choices in Woodbridge Township workplaces. This legal development sheds light on deeper societal issues surrounding racial biases in professional environments. Have you encountered job setbacks or been denied opportunities due to your hairstyle not aligning with conventional standards? Does your employer’s grooming policy clash with your cultural or religious practices? The New Jersey Commission on Human Rights has issued pioneering guidelines to combat discriminatory actions or regulations related to hair and hairdos. This progressive stride sets a precedent in the nation, ensuring equitable treatment for all individuals.

So, what implications does this hold for you?

This means your employer cannot enforce rules targeting cultural hairstyles such as braids or twists. They cannot penalize you for sporting an Afro or adorning cornrows, whether through termination, lack of advancement, or withholding a salary increase. Likewise, establishments like bars or restaurants are prohibited from denying entry based on your hairstyle. Furthermore, schools are barred from mandating alterations to your child’s hairstyle or disciplining them for it. Crucially, if you voice concerns regarding these matters and face backlash, legal safeguards are in place to protect you.

The guidelines unequivocally prohibit discrimination based on racial attributes, including hairstyles associated with Black communities. This encompasses various styles like locs, twists, cornrows, braids, Afros, and more. Additionally, the law extends protection to groups with religious or cultural affiliations to uncut hair, such as Native Americans, Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Nazirites, and Rastafarians, along with other affected demographics like Latinos and Indo-Caribbeans.

Regrettably, in certain instances, remarks or actions concerning your hair may escalate to sexual harassment. It is imperative to recognize that federal harassment claims may have time constraints, emphasizing the importance of seeking legal counsel promptly. Consulting with an attorney specializing in racial discrimination and sexual harassment can help you comprehend your rights and pursue appropriate recourse.

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