Your Employment Rights Under New Jersey Discrimination Law

In Hamilton Township, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) safeguards employees and job applicants from discrimination based on specific characteristics. Applicable to all employers, regardless of size, the law covers a range of protected attributes:

Discrimination in the workplace, including refusal to hire, wrongful termination, or biased treatment in compensation and other employment benefits, is prohibited. If you’re in Hamilton Township and experiencing discrimination based on any of these protected statuses, our experienced New Jersey employment discrimination attorneys are prepared to support your case. Contact us promptly to initiate effective advocacy for your rights.

Types of New Jersey Workplace Discrimination Claims Our Firm Handles

In Hamilton Township, New Jersey, workplace discrimination covers unequal treatment at various employment stages beyond hiring and firing. Demonstrating discriminatory actions, comments, or conduct during your employment may validate a claim. New Jersey law prohibits discrimination in all employment aspects, allowing direct lawsuits in state court without filing with the NJ Division of Civil Rights (DCR). Our employment discrimination lawyers in Hamilton Township are committed to defending your rights and ensuring fair treatment in and out of court.

Hiring discrimination

Employers in Hamilton Township cannot discriminate against job applicants throughout the hiring process, ensuring equal consideration for candidates with similar qualifications.

Pay discrimination

Under the Law Against Discrimination (LAD), Hamilton Township employers are prohibited from basing pay scales solely on protected characteristics. Widespread pay disparities within a company, especially among employees in the same protected class, could lead to legal action.

Benefits/training discrimination

Employment benefits and training programs in Hamilton Township must be distributed based on job level, ensuring equity across all employees. Training programs should be equally accessible to all employees within the same job level, regardless of their class or category.

Discharge/severance discrimination

New Jersey’s at-will employment law allows termination at any time, but employers cannot terminate employees for discriminatory reasons. If severance pay is provided, it must be offered equally, without discrimination based on any protected characteristic.

Why Choose Castronovo & McKinney to
Handle Your Workplace Claim

Choose Castronovo & McKinney for your workplace claim in Hamilton Township. Our team provides practical advice and guidance, navigating legal complexities against employers. Committed to protecting your livelihood and reputation in employment discrimination cases, we assist businesses in defending against baseless claims and implementing preventive workplace policies. Our lawyers, skilled in administrative and court proceedings, focus on settling disputes through negotiation but are fully prepared for trial. Serving your best interests, our primary goal is securing positive resolutions through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation.

Recoverable Damages in a New Jersey Employment Discrimination Claim

In a Hamilton Township employment discrimination claim, potential recoverable damages include back wages, front pay, lost benefits (such as health and retirement plans), bonus payments, compensation for pain and suffering, and emotional distress. You may also recover attorneys’ fees and court costs. Equitable remedies, like reinstatement, might be awarded. Given the complexities of these cases, seeking assistance from a dedicated employment lawyer is advisable.

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Contact Castronovo & McKinney, LLC for strong legal representation in workplace discrimination matters in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. If you suspect workplace discrimination or if your business is contending with an unfounded claim, reach out to us for a consultation. We assist with workplace discrimination claims across New Jersey, including Hamilton Township.