Practice Areas

Individual Related Employment Law Practice Areas in New Jersey:

Corporate Related Employment Law Practice Areas:

Other Employment Law Practice Areas:

  • Municipal Government Counseling
  • Securities Arbitrations
  • Representation of Labor Unions, Union Members and Civil Service Employees

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Our law firm specializes in Employment Law in New Jersey.  However, we can typically provide you with a recommended attorney for any other areas of law that you might require assistance.  We have successfully referred clients of the firm to other attorneys to handle their wills, estate issues, divorces, family law questions, personal injury actions, criminal issues, workers’ compensation cases and many other types of legal issues.  There is lots of information on the law firm regarding which attorneys are the best or better than the others.  We only refer our clients to attorneys that we are both familiar with professionally and personally.  We believe that this will help our client in making the decision to select the best counsel for them.  However, we always recommend that our clients speak with several attorneys before making the decision on which attorney to retain.  Lawsuits and legal issues can be lengthy and it is important to us that our clients select the best attorney for them, not simply because we recommend someone.